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Reduce Administrative Costs

Optimization of enterprise processes towards a lean organization

Reduce Administrative Costs

The June 2017 UN Secretary-General’s report on “Repositioning the United Nations Development System to Deliver on the 2030 Agenda” states much more can be done to reduce business operations footprints and costs at country level. The report states that “common operational services/back office functions” should become the “default” option for UN Country Teams seeking economies of scale and harmonization of business procedures.

Datamatics, with over 3 decades of experience in Business Process Outsourcing and having established Shared Services Centres for leading Global Corporations, has a compelling offering to meet this agenda.


Automating CFO Back Office

Automating CFO Back Office

End-to-end automation of processes associated with finance and accounts (F&A) operations

Paperless Office

Paperless Office

Digitize all paper-based records and workflows to provide anytime anywhere access and accelerate business processes


Document classification and Searchability

Facilitate concurrent use of digitized enterprise assets across the globe through efficient utilization of technology


Health Claims Processing

Automate paper-based processes accelerating verification and validation to benefit both the payer and the payee


Audio Transcription of Investigations

Securely transcribe investigative interviews in a global, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural environment


Robotic Process Automation

Drive a lean enterprise by automating rule-based, repetitive, and high volume processes


Email Analytics

Facilitate email response in real-time through effective use of cutting edge technologies

Datamatics Is A Participant In United Nations Global Compact

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